How We’re Different

The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills standout from Traditional Nursing Homes in Rison Arkansas.

Homewood Nursing Home Mena - Respect and Dignity
  • Every resident is respectfully addressed as an elder.
  • Each elder’s quality of life comes first and includes the right to privacy, dignity, autonomy, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Families with loved ones at Souther Hills are consistently satisfied with how their aging loved ones live and the care they receive.
  • Elders in the Green House Cottages experience lower depression rates compared to institutional settings.
  • Elders in Green House Cottages have more autonomy.
  • Souther Hills strives to connect and interact with the local Community.
Homewood Nursing Home Mena - Choice of Activities


  • Every elder’s likes, dislikes, wants, and desires are heard and acted on.
  • Elders at Southern Hills have free access to the outdoors.
  • Elders choose when to wake up and when, and what to eat.
  • Elders are free to choose their own made to order meals.
  • Elders can choose to eat in a family-style setting or alone on their schedule.
  • Elders have the freedom to participate in kitchen activities, including cooking if they wish.
Homewood Nursing Home Mena - Feels Like Home

Feels like Home

  • No medical signposts, alarms, buzzers, med carts, loudspeakers, or restraints at Southern Hills.
  • Each Green House Cottage features the same modern technology found at home keeping elders connected with friends and family at all times.
  • Holidays and special events feel like they do at home. Christmas is Christmas. Birthdays are birthdays.
  • Families are welcome to visit often and stay longer.
  • Kids and grandkids are encouraged to visit Southern Hills.
  • Elders do not have set schedules. The environment allows for a rhythmic, comfortable, natural living flow just as one would have at home.
  • Every elder has unrestricted access to the kitchen, laundry, and common areas.

Experienced and Trained Staff

  • Every staff member undergoes a minimum of 120 hours of extra training in elder care.
  • Southern Hills staff members are more satisfied with their jobs compared to traditional nursing homes and more likely to stay longer in their role.
  • Staff members receive continuous education and ongoing training development as their career advances.
Homewood Nursing Home Mena - Choice of Activities

Better Outcomes for Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills offer specialized care in areas such as orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, and sepsis.
  • Therapy ratio is 1:1.
  • The Green House Cottage care has consistent readmission rates of less than 1%, compared to traditional institutional settings of 18% and higher.
  • The average length of stay for short-term rehab at Southern Hills is around 19 days compared to 28 days in traditional settings.
  • Green House Cottages have lower infection rates compared to traditional homes because of the low number of residents.
  • The Green House Cottages of Southern Hills offer customized rehab programs with a holistic approach to care for every elder both short and long term.